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2011 Fedora Scholarship open to applications

The Fedora Scholarship program recognizes one high school senior per
year for contributions to the Fedora Project and free software/content
in general. The scholarship is a $2,000 USD reward per year over each of
the four years the recipient is in college, which is funded by Red Hat's
Community Architecture team, as well as travel and lodging to the
nearest FUDCon for each year of the scholarship.

If you are a student who will be entering college in Fall 2011, you are
eligible to apply! The application is extremely simple, and is described
in length at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Scholarship. Please be sure
to read the terms and conditions before applying.

The application deadline for this scholarship is February 25, 2011.
(Remember -- don't procrastinate just because the deadline is in four

Ian Weller <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Where open source multiplies: http://opensource.com

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