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Final Board appointment, and IRC meeting reminder 2010-01-07 UTC 1700

To fill the final open seat on the Board for the next two releases, I
am appointing Colin Walters.  Colin has spent several years developing
technology and community in the GNOME Project and around the varied
landscape of Fedora's desktop.  He brings to the Board a constructive,
positive spirit to solving problems in Fedora and upstream.  His
recent work on advancing ideas and code for a unique but highly usable
personality for the free desktop is also very exciting.

After getting the chance to meet and talk with him at FUDCon, I am
sure he will be an excellent addition to the Board.  I hope the Fedora
community will join me in welcoming Colin, where he joins Chris Tyler
as our other new member for this cycle.

The new Board will meet for the first time tomorrow in a public IRC
meeting, on Thursday 7 January 2010, at 1700 UTC (12:00 noon
US-Eastern).  Departing, current, and new Board members are all
expected at the meeting.  Details about joining the IRC meeting are
found here:


As I've written before, the Board always welcomes community input.
Please feel free to join the fedora-advisory-board mailing list to
start a discussion if needed, or you may email us at any time with
questions or issues.


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  irc.freenode.net: stickster @ #fedora-docs, #fedora-devel, #fredlug

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