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Updated Fedora Privacy Policy

This is a notice that the official Fedora Privacy Policy has been
A brief notice can also be found on the main website

Previously, Fedora was using the generic Red Hat Privacy Policy, which
did not make sense for a number of reasons. Fedora now has its own
Privacy Policy at:


I would encourage everyone to read the new Privacy Policy. This policy
went through a public review process on the fedora-advisory-board
mailing list, and was approved by the Fedora Board on August 5th, 2008.

This new policy defines that more of your "Personal Information" is
public by default. This will make things much easier for the daily
workings of Fedora, however, if you wish for this "Publicly Available
Personal Information" to be kept private, it is possible to do so in the
Fedora Account System.

It also enables us to be able to generate useful statistics about
Fedora's ongoing progress. Last, but not least, it got rid of a lot of
useless wording and confusing text about transactions and Red Hat
services which are not applicable to Fedora.

If you have any questions about the updated Fedora Privacy Policy, feel
free to email me.


Tom "spot" Callaway, Fedora Legal

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