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I wanted to test makedumpfile utility in my system and installed makedumpfile-1.1.4-3.x86_64.rpm (distribution Open SuSE).
The makedumpfile version is
         makedumpfile: version 1.1.4 (released on 08 June 2007)
First I moved to the dump directory (as root) and executed the command
       > makedumpfile -c -d 31 -x /boot/vmlinux- vmcore test_vmcoe
I got the following error message
            get_debug_info: Can't create a handle for a new debug session.

            makedumpfile Failed.

I looked into makedumpfile.c file and found the following part of the code in function get_debug_info() throws the error message.

         if (!(dwarfd = dwarf_begin_elf(elfd, DWARF_C_READ, NULL))) {
                ERRMSG("Can't create a handle for a new debug session.\n");
                goto out;

I also tried to look into the function dwarf_begin_elf function found in the following link

But could not understand much.

Could anybody assist me to get the proper result?


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