Re: Is it safe to run application other than cp, scp on Dump-Capture kernel ??

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On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 10:34:28PM -0800, Dharmosoth Seetharam wrote:
> > 
> >> 2) What would be the size of /proc/vmcore ??
> >>    /proc/vmcore size will be dependent on any criteria like RAM size or
> >> other ?
> > 
> > It will be (RAM Size - Reserved memory area size)
> /proc/vmcore size ---> 4166476832 bytes     ---> 3.88GB --> 3,973.12 MB (Dump-Capture kernel)
> /proc/meminfo size --> MemTotal 3994184 kB  ---> 3.809GB--> 3,900.41 MB (Priamry Kernel)


Look at /proc/iomem at add up the all entries of "System RAM". That
would give a good idea of total physical memory in the system.

I think /proc/meminfo does some filtering like removing reserved pages
while calulating total memory. So most likely it will not report 64MB
of memory reserved for dump kernel.

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