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On Sun, Apr 15, 2007 at 01:38:25PM +0200, Thomas Meyer wrote:
> Hi.
> Kexec fails with this error message:
> "Could not find a free area of memory of 9000 bytes...
> locate_hole failed"
> Kexec version is 1.101-r4 (gentoo)
> Linux kernel version is: 2.6.21-rc6
> cat /proc/iomem:
> cat iomem
> 00000000-0008efff : Conventional Memory
>   00000000-00000000 : Crash kernel
> 0008f000-0008ffff : ACPI NVS
> 00090000-0009ffff : Conventional Memory
> 000a0000-000bffff : Video RAM area
> 00100000-002fffff : Loader Data
> 00300000-3cc8cfff : Conventional Memory
> 3cc8d000-3ccd4fff : BootServices Data
> 3ccd5000-3d84efff : Conventional Memory
> [...]
> i've no clue what's wrong here.
> any ideas?

What architecture is this? I think kexec does not find any suitable
RAM area to load segments that's why it is giving error. And the reason
could be that while parsing /proc/iomem,  kexec looks for string "System RAM"
to find out vaild RAM areas. In this case there are no "System RAM" regions.

What is "Conventional Memory"? Has there been some kernel changes recently
or some other arch exports it in a different manner?

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