Re: gdb does not analyse vmcore from kexec on 2.6.20

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Thanks Rachita, we appreciate your quick reply.

> This is the expected behaviour of gdb on core files. It will
> display only the active threads on all the cpus. Crash on the
> other hand will show you all the threads(active and non-active).
> I would recommend using crash for kernel core dump analysis.

Yes, you  are right. 

If gdb has to get "info threads" or "thread apply all bt" etc, it appears
that, we need to write:
 1) Seperate target in gdb (e.g "target kexec vmcore.kexec")
    that builds the thread database from per cpu runqueue. I believe 
    "crash" tool is also doing the same (?)
 2) OR write some gdb macros that walks thru per cpu runqueue and get the
    reqd info


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