Re: gdb does not analyse vmcore from kexec on 2.6.20

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On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 01:40:31AM -0700, Rajesham Gajjela wrote:
> > I was running linux-2.6.20 on x86_64 & my machine's
> > RAM is > 4GB.
> > 
> > Got the vmcore file (after following the steps in
> > Documentation/kdump/kdump.txt).
> > 
> > To analyse the core file, I am using gdb
> > (version-6.4). Issues that I am facing with this:
> >  1)"bt" gives me the stack from cpu-0 (ideally I
> > think, it should give the thread that
> >     was running when panic happened)
> >  2) "info threads" is giving me only the threads on
> > all the cpus 
> Just to clarify, "info threads" is giving only
> the "current" thread on each CPU.


This is the expected behaviour of gdb on core files. It will
display only the active threads on all the cpus. Crash on the 
other hand will show you all the threads(active and non-active).
I would recommend using crash for kernel core dump analysis.

> > (e.g, I have 2 CPUs on my
> >     system, so, I was getting only two threads). Its
> > not giving the rest of the threads that are
> >     active (may be sleeping or doing some thing
> > else). In general, I dont get, the threads from
> >     per cpu runque.
> > 
> > In general, do you guys claim that gdb analyses the
> > cores from kexec is reliable.
> What do you guys recomment to analyse the cores ?
> gdb or crash ?
> gdb seems to have the issues pointed above. Is there
> any body successfully used gdb ?
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