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Greg Kurtzer wrote:
> On Feb 21, 2007, at 9:41 AM, David N. Lombard wrote:
>> I've been using kexec on 2.6.14 (patched for later--but not 
>> latest--e1000 drivers) and 2.6.18 as-is; have not had any problems w/ 
>> e1000 devices coming up.
>> In any event, patch in the latest e1000 driver from 
>> on your kernel or try a 2.6.18 kernel.
>> The only kexec kernel patches used were some fairly old (like over a 
>> year ago) from Vivek
> Ahh, great idea!
> BTW, are you referring to the kernel that is running the kexec or the 
> kexec'ed kernel (in this case /vmlinuz)? I won't have control over the 
> secondary kernel because people tend to throw all sorts of distributions 
> and kernels onto Perceus, but the "host" kernel I can update. Presently, 
> the kexec kernel is, and have been meaning to update to 
> I will look into the e1000 update then and see if it is 
> applicable. :)

Good question.  I was referring to the kernel running the kexec.  The 
kexec'ed kernel was an FC4 2.6.14 patched with the later e1000 drivers 
mentioned above.

> note, I didn't have this problem with the 2.6.16 kernel that I ran 
> previously, but I required the newer drivers in 2.6.19 for some of the 
> newest cluster/node hardware.

That suggests different e1000 implementations, e.g., in-chipset, NIC 
card, &etc.

David N. Lombard
Rossmoor, Orange County, CA

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