IA64: a missing patch: fix-paddr-vmcore-ELF

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Jay Lan wrote:
> Horms wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 07:07:14PM -0800, Jay Lan wrote:
>>> I found this patch from Nan-hai was missing in your git tree.
>>> I do not have the url of his original posting, but here is the
>>> content. :)
>> Thanks, I have applied this.
>> This is actually the second time its been applied, unfortunately it got
>> reverted as part of the crash_create_elf64_headers() patch,
>> f038d30bff8510a1df1e72af08db1766581d1f2c.
> I found problem in the crash_create_elf64_headers() patch more than
> this one. For example, when calculating the size, the nr_cpus should not
> be a long. It is an int. It will cause problem only when initializing
> the crash utility.
> However, even after reverting f038d30bff8510a1df1e72af08db1766581d1f2c
> i still had problem in booting up a crashdump kernel on SN platform.
> I saw many many "Bad state" and "Bad pte" errors, probably when trying
> to create the vmcore.

BTW, i did my testing with 2.6.20 kernel and the kexec-tools-testing
tot tree as of early yesterday.

- jay

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