[ppc64] cp /prroc/vmcore fails with core generated using latest kexec tools.

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On 12/26/06, Sachin P. Sant <sachinp at in.ibm.com> wrote:
> So it seems that we have two conventions now. On ppc64 the start and end values
> will represent the size of memory, while on i386 / x86_64 they will represent
> the range [ + 1 will give the size of that memory range ].
> As for this problem, if i remove the extra + 1 while computing the filesz,
> all is well and is able to save and analyze the vmcore file.
> Will work on a patch for this problem, but thought will get views from
> the list on this before generating a patch. Commnets  :-)

I think everyone should follow the i386 code as much as possible.
Keeping the architectures as similar makes future code merging


/ magnus

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