Check "crashkernel=" presence for kexec -p option

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Haren Myneni wrote:
> We are already looking for crashkernel segment before loading the kdump 
> image - crashdump-<arch>.c. Ex: for ppc64, reading 
> linux,crashkernel-size property and for i386/x86_64, from /proc/iomem.
> Why do not we display the error message and exit from here?
The issue is when memory for crashkernel is not reserved, the error 
message is not displayed properly.

For eg, in PPC64, the error message will be:
/proc/device-tree/chosen/linux,crashkernel-base: No such file or directory
get memory ranges:0
Warning: append= option is not passed. Using the first kernel root partition
/proc/device-tree/chosen/linux,crashkernel-base: No such file or directory
Could not find a free area of memory of 74ac00 bytes...
Base address: ffffffff is not page aligned

i386 kexec tool also does not clearly report the error.

The tool has to inform the user about what exactly happened and what 
should be done in order to successfully load the kdump kernel.

> Thanks
> Haren
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