ACPI table prevents crash region

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I've got a bug report of SLES10-beta about non-working kdump on
a x86-64 machine.  It seems because of the ACPI tables overlapping the
default 64M@16M crash region:

	% cat /proc/iomem
	0100000-0266ffff : System RAM
	  00100000-002d32a3 : Kernel code
	  002d32a4-003ac0f7 : Kernel data
	02670000-026d5fff : ACPI Tables
	026d6000-026fffff : ACPI Non-volatile Storage
	02700000-efffffff : System RAM

The crash region itself can be changed via boot option to another
offset.  But kexec refuses to load since the address doesn't match
with the pre-built kdump kernel using PHYS_START=16M.

What would be a workaround for such a problem?
It seems that the ACPI location cannot be changed easily, and we don't
want to rebuild a kernel as much as possible just for a single

Any hints are appreciated.



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