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extcarve, fails to recover any of my files, it is keeping print
messages like this:

no header all
Searching Unused block 415494 which contains non-zero data:

no header all
Searching Unused block 415495 which contains non-zero data:

I saw almost a million of such lines.

It will scan for unused/deleted blocks (415494, 415495 etc). While scanning It throws out such  output  messages.
When I finds valid header+footer it saves them on external drive. As of now, extcarve can recover  only limited non-fragmented files of type png,jpg,gif,html,c/cpp/php,pdf .(recoverd filename will begin with extcarve<random-char>.extenstion)

current version of tool ,will not recover a partial files - It needs to be find both header and footer.

extcarve it still running or completed ?   If its completed and didn't recover any files ,then possible reason would be -
1).Deleted files are fragmented,so extcarve can't find footer.
2).Deleted files doesn't belong to currently supported file types.
3).Or simply extcarve has a bug,that needs to fixed. :P

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