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I've had the chance to use a testsystem here and couldn't resist running a 
few benchmark programs on them: bonnie++, tiobench, dbench and a few 
generic ones (cp/rm/tar/etc...) on ext{234}, btrfs, jfs, ufs, xfs, zfs.

All with standard mkfs/mount options and +noatime for all of them.

Here are the results, no graphs - sorry:

Reiserfs is locking up during dbench, so I removed it from the 
config, here are some earlier results:

Bonnie++ couldn't complete on nilfs2, only the generic tests 
and tiobench were run. As nilfs2, ufs, zfs aren't supporting xattr, dbench 
could not be run on these filesystems.
Short summary, AFAICT:
    - btrfs, ext4 are the overall winners
    - xfs to, but creating/deleting many files was *very* slow
    - if you need only fast but no cool features or journaling, ext2
      is still a good choice :)

BOFH excuse #84:

Someone is standing on the ethernet cable, causing a kink in the cable

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