Re: Undeletion utililty for ext3/4

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David Baron wrote:
> On Saturday 02 May 2009 19:00:14 ext3-users-request@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>  have recently released a project on sourceforge
>>> ( ) that can undelete a file from an
>>> ext3 or ext4 partition.  It uses code from ext3grep to parse
>>> command-line options, and uses libext2fs to read the partitions.
>>> Instead of reading the entire partition, as ext3grep does, it reads
>>> only the journal file and is able to restore a deleted file from the
>>> information there and in (possibly deleted) directory blocks.  I hope it
>>> is of some use.
>> Thanks - I've added this to the collection of ext2/3 undeletion tools in
>> the wiki:
> Look good. Never had much luck with ext3grep.
> However, cannot compile it. Has these huge hex constants that will not fit 
> usual long types. Does this code need a 64-bit kernel or can I do something to 
> the #defined I64 type to get this to compile?

I haven't really looked over it in any detail, but try sticking a "ULL"
on the end of those constants.


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