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RE: Is Image Doctor a Healing alternative?


DLed the beta. Seems stable with PS 6.0.1 on Win XP-- may try it on the
Mac (who knows).

Spent most of this morning getting a bag of garbage (literally) out of a
shot I made in Ireland. It was definitely one of those "toors dee force"
of Photoshop editin' <bg>. I selected, feathered, layered, cloned,
moved, skewed, etc. At the end of it I really had the old garbage bag
out of there, and had built some very convincing stuff behind it. So
then I tried cranking up "Smart Fill". And in one swift click... It
didn't do it! BUT the results could get tantalizingly close. And with a
good tutorial, I just might have gotten there! (Probably not.) With a
more random background, however, I bet it will work perfectly. I'm

Will report on the zit-zapper and others as I get more experience.

> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: Is Image Doctor a Healing alternative?
> Alien Skin has a new set of PS plugins available as a public beta
> download.
> From their description, some may find them attractive alternatives to
> PS7
> upgrade.
> http://www.alienskin.com/idoc/idoc_main.html
> Jim Wingo

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