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Banner paper

<x-charset Windows-1252>I have a 1270 and I'd like to start doing a few banners for friends,
parties, etc.  First of all, do I need to get the roll paper holder for
this, or can you print banners without it?

Secondly, I'd like a recommendation on paper.  I'm thinking of something in
the ballpark of the Epson photo quality ink jet paper (SO41062)--coated for
inkjets, but not too expensive.  Or maybe something like Matte Paper
Heavyweight would be better to hold more ink without wrinkling.  Either
Epson or 3rd party is fine with me.

Since I have a 13" wide printer, ideally I'd like 13" paper or even better a
paper that came in both 8.5" and 13" widths.


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