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Re: Resolution and Banding

<x-flowed>In article <27110E02.08782CC4.00045BDE@aol.com>, HMSDOC@aol.com writes
>What then to do about sharpening?  I had always read that sharpening 
>should be done last AND that it should not be done until the image is 
>sized to the output resolution as the effect will be different 
>depending on the resolution.  So if you don't downsample the file, and 
>then print at say 1440x720 will the degree of sharpening still be 
>appropriate assuming, as you suggest, that you only send to the printer 
>files at a resolution that are under 720 ppi.  Or is the difference in 
>sharpening effect between say a 300 and 720 ppi image not significant.
The reason that people advise to sharpen as the last stage is so that 
you can see exactly the effect on the image before printing and, if you 
then rescale afterwards the effect of the sharpening will be either 
overexagerrated or reduced by the resampling algorithm.

The same advice holds true irrespective of the resolution that you print 
at - apply sharpening, if necessary at all, at the final resolution.
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