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Re: Profile City Profiles

On 1 Jun 2002 at 22:45, Peter O'Reilly wrote:

> Has anyone else had profiles made by Profile City, and had any
> problems with them? Does anyone know the address for someone there who
> I can contact about this, to try and get some assistance in sorting
> this out?

I had two custome profiles made by them in early January '02. I used Epson 
paper and ink and had no problems whatsoever. The profiles are both 
excellent. I also make a  profile for my monitor using ProveIt! and both 
together gived me very god results.

No I don't have a telephone number for them, just the address that you used to 
send the porifles in to their lab. However, I guess you could use their address 
with directory assistance to get a number..

Tunney Moriarty
Editor - "Red Coat Digest" Magazine
Mounted Police Association of Ontario 
WebSite - http://www.association.on.ca
Email: tunney@rogers.com
Ph:(519)746-0236, Cell:(519) 584-5253

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