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Re: where's the 3600 printer?

<x-flowed>Ray wrote to Royce Bair:
>The new features you've posted on the 7600/9600 look absolutely 
>fantastic, and certainly look like Epson has come close to the 
>perfect printer.
>I have only one objection. I don't need the 24" size, but I do need 
>to print a 16x20 with a paper border a la 3000.
>Can you put in a word for a 3600?

We hear that from quite a few people.  Despite the SP3000's terrible 
paper handling capabilities*, it's remained very popular because of 
it's adaptability, 17" wide platen and large individual cartridges.

We've already put in a word to Epson for a "3600".  Epson says it 
ain't going to happen.

Why?  Even though the 3000's age (over 5 years old), and it's old 
technology (4 inks instead of 6, spitting out huge, 20 picoliters 
non-variable droplets), Epson is still selling a remarkable 1500 of 
these great old 3000 work horses a month!  And they told us they plan 
to continue to make them for at least one more year.  (Why fix it if 
it still works?!)  Also, they feel the 24 inch 7600 at the new lower 
price point of $2995 ($2K less than a 7500) is a remarkable buy, with 
much greater capacity than a 17" printer.  I can assure you that 
neither dealers or Epson is making very much money on these printers 
-- both of us are hoping to make it up on the consumables.  By the 
way, did you know that during the first 2 years that the 3000 was 
available, it sold for $1995.00?  That's only a $1000 less than the 
7600, and that's 1997 money!

* Although the 7600 doesn't have a paper tray like the 3000 (it can 
only handle individual sheets and rolls), the 3000 was never designed 
to feed the thick sheets must of us put through it (it's a graphic 
arts printer, mainly for proofing page layouts).  The friction feed 
on the paper tray balks at anything thicker than 52 lb. paper (those 
are Epson's specs).  Although you can get it to accept 140 lb. (about 
20mil or 300 gsm) paper, it doesn't like it.  Whereas the 7600's 
straight path will take thickness up to 1.5mm (about 65mil or over 
700 gsm), and it's vacuum (suction) assisted feed is much more 
reliable than friction and pizza wheels!

Epson's 2200 model (available in July) will only have a 13" wide 
platen, but that's all Epson is going to give us besides the 3000 to 
fill the gap between 8.5" and 24" (beside the 1280, of course).

Royce Bair, director
Inkjet Art Solutions
A division of The Stock Solution

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