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My 1200 is clogged up, Generations Ink

Before considering other options, like going back to OEM or getting out the gun, thought I'd turn here. Any help would be truly appreciated.

Have two printers, a 1200 and a 740, both with CIS and Generations ink on them. The 740, only two years old and used for family stuff, just died. Evidently the
printer's parallel port quit, according to tech help from Epson. So it's gone, and here it sits with the CIS bottles hooked to it (sob).

I love the CIS system, but on both machines the magenta initially clogged up. We kept using the 740, kept running cleaning cycles occasionally, but the magenta
never would entirely unplug. I've been busy, and it's been several months since I tried to do anything about the clogged up 1200, but now I'd like to get it
going and do some family pictures; however, all the jets are clogged up. I've run a couple dozen cleaning cycles, and get a faint color from a couple of the

Is there any way I can recover the 1200 and keep the CIS on it? Can the cartridges be taken off and unplugged?

I'm not a professional, but just like to do nice family pictures through Photoshop.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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