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Re:Pshop 7 & PhotoFrame 2

<x-charset iso-8859-1><<JEL" <lipmanson@starpower.net>: After running with Photoshop 7 for a few weeks I went to install Extensis' PhotoFrames 2 plugin. Cannot be done. The install program looks for Photoshp.exe (the name in Ver. 6) and gives no opportunity to change the name to Photoshop.exe. 

Here's info from the Photoshop mailing list:

<<All I did was go into explorer and rename the 'photoshop.exe' to 'photoshp.exe'. Voila! the plugin installed without a hitch.>>


<<brilliant! Although I knew the exe file ID issue was the problem it did not occur to me to rename as I - for some crazy reason - thought it would destabilize PS7 and leave me with other trouble. Your model worked perfect...I would reinforce to anyone else with this problem to be sure and return the exe file to its proper PS7 name after installing PhotoFrame. Thanks again >>

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