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re: Plastic sleeve help needed

I believe I have seen something like this at mediastreet in their proofing envelopes, I'm not sure if the economics work though.


Their address is in the faq

 >>  What I would like to do is acquire some type of
 >>  envelope etc. to put these in when sold or so we can pre package them so
 >>  the customer can grab and go.  I have linked through to most sites
 >>  people talk about on this list when talking about places they get ink or
 >>  paper.  I remember seeing on one or two sites some type of plastic
 >>  archival envelopes or something similar.  However now I don't remember
 >>  all the sites or which site it was.  Can someone help me out or have any
 >>  other ideas for me.  Replies offlist are fine.

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