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Re: An unuasual color printer need. Any idea which Epson to use?

Look first at the C80; it is fast and, by all accounts, capable of
outstanding output in both of the areas you want. Reports indicate that
water-resistance is a strong point of the ink. In addition, if you need it,
a network-ready version is available. Best of all (unless you need the
network) they are very inexpensive to buy. And they are built well and
intended as business-use machines.

Jim Wingo

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On 4/30/2002 at 8:44 PM Ken S wrote:

>I would like to use a color ink jet printer for both pictures (maybe
>photos) and invoices.  I have been using an old Epson 660, but the ink
runs if it gets wet and doesn't look professional when invoicing a
customer.  I really don't have the money for a color laser nor the space
for two printers. 
>Is there an ink jet that will satisfy both of my needs?

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