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Re: Profile Prism

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Andy, I have been subscribing to the products very active list.  Its moved a
couple times, see the website for the latest.  Having the list is very
worthwhile for help, and the developer is very active on updating the

But I have not sprung for the program---yet!

The developer has incorporated rather sophisticated evaluation tools for the
scanner's behavior, including marking the target's clipped patches with Xs
so you know what needs fixing with your scanner driver.  And thus you have
some feedback on your scanner's performance before you build the profile.
Still, many people are having problems.  Some of them result from heavily
relying on the Fuji test image, which CD Tobie has here mentioned having
much out-of-gamut colors (for most inkjets, I gather)
For $65 its very low-cost compared to the other scanner-based profilers.


you wrote:

Does anyone have any updates on their experiences with Profile 
Prism(scanner profiling system for PC only).  it sounded interesting 
for a beginning user and I'm curious if anything has improved over 
the last few months.  if you could compare it to Monaco EZ Color 1.0 
that would be perfect.

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