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Re: Print your own wallpaper with an Epson?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>From: "Andy Darlow" <andy@andydarlow.com>

> Hi Linda:
> I'm curious which water-based acrylic you brush on and whether or not
> the brush strokes are visible.

Andy - I use two: Minwax Polycrylic Clear Satin  OR  Delta Ceramcoat *Matte*
Interior Varnish. I wish the Minwax came in a Matte but I guess it doesn't.

Brush strokes sometimes show....depends on the paper type and the number of
coats given. The Ceramcoat shows less. Also, watercolor paper tends to show
less than others. In fact, watercolor paper is very forgiving - moreso than
the EAM. I often use Red River's watercolor text which is cream colored. I
plan to pick up some Epson watercolor paper to see if it is whiter.

If brushstrokes are likely to show, I try to work with them. Since my
intended final objective is for a loose "shabby chic" interior design
effect, I usually brush the acrylic on one way for one coat and at a right
angles to that for the next. This gives a very light linen cross-hatched
effect. I also try to use a good brush and apply thin coats.

To give a specific example of a project, I scanned some pages of a very old
children's book and printed on watercolor paper. I had my husband make me
some picture frames and inset them with plywood. I had him size the frames
so the print was "matted" with wood - the frame was 2" wide and the matte
was 1 3/4" or so.  I painted & distressed the whole thing and stuck the
print in the center. I then varnished the whole thing.

The result were some really great vintage-looking pieces for my
grand-daughter's room. I later saw just about the same thing in a catalog
for over $100. These cost practically nothing.


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