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Re: Colorvision RGB Profiler; good or bad???

<x-flowed>>Profiles aren't the only tool to use to get a satisfactory print.
>See Bruce Fraser's Out of Gamut: Soft Proofing in Photoshop 6.0

Whoa there big fella!

Without an accurate profile, Photoshop's soft-proofing is totally 
useless. The soft-proofed image is totally dependent on the profile.

I've had to tune the RGB-to-Lab portion of every canned Epson profile 
except the one for Epson Heavyweight Matte to actually get the 
softproof to look like the print. The PGPP one is particularly bad. 
But once they're tuned, I can see exactly what the unadjusted print 
will look like, and take the necessary remedial action. Without an 
accurate profile you'd be better off just guessing and ignore the 
soft-proof feature entirely. But you'd be much, much better off with 
an accurate profile!

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