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Re: Colorvision RGB Profiler; good or bad???

<x-charset iso-8859-1>My inkset is Generations and my papers are Hawk Mountain.

But the adjustments I was referring to have nothing to do with the what
ink/paper combo I am profiling. I was referring to adding magenta to get rid
of a green cast. I too was getting a green cast when my initial profile was
created. Instead to just adding more magenta to "get rid of" green, I added
red and blue to achieve the same effect (getting rid of green cast) without
creating a magenta cast.

I did have to spend quite a bit of time finding the correct values for the
red and blue sliders, but the resulting profile is very good. I have made
several profiles for different papers and all involved adding red and blue,
but in differing amounts depending on the paper. I am very disappointed that
I have to tweak Profiler RGB profiles now (I did not have to do anything to
my scanner created profiles before my printer firmware was upgraded), but
the profiles I create do work well and until I invest in a
spectrophotometer, I will continue to use the product.

I do not use the preview function in PS as I have my monitor calibrated and
know my profiles are correct (by printing a known target print like
PhotoDisc or Digital Dog test file), so as long as the colors are correct on
my screen (and the numbers are correct), the resulting print coming off the
printer is correct.

Diana York  (awaiting arrival of my new 9500 which will run the new
Indelible inks!)
Hawk Mountain Art Papers www.hawkmtnartpapers.com
100% cotton digital fine art inkjet print papers

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From: Ursula Freer <art@ursulafreer.com>
> Your paper and inkset are totally different from mine so your adjustments
> were necessarily different. My question still is, how can you get a good
> preview in PS if the adj. sliders in Profiler RGB totally throw off the
> preview?
> Ursula

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