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Re: Colorvision RGB Profiler; good or bad???

on 9/19/01 10:13 AM PST, Harry Minoru Shin wrote:

> however, the RGB profiler is  just a pain in the butt; the profiles
> you get are WORSE than the canned profiles... and i see no benefit with
> using this product.   i spoke with george (tech rep), he said that i
> scanned everything correctly and that i need to manually tweak various
> settings... i thought this was the reason to purchase these products
> so that one wouldn't have to make such manual adjustments.

Harry, you are not alone.  After spending countless hours (literally dozens)
trying every technique known to mankind to get an acceptable profile using
Profiler RGB, I have abandoned hope.  It simply will not work for some of
us.  It appears that it's the luck of the draw, evidently based on whether
you have a lucky scanner or not (I have a UMAX Powerlook III, which is no

Do a search in the archives for "Cyan skies", or even under "Profiler RGB",
and you will read of others' frustration with this product.

I have heard that Doctor Pro could possibly get me closer to an acceptable
profile, but at this point it's not worth the extra expense, or investment
in more hours of tweaking.

My next step is to buy a custom profile (since I have pretty much settled on
Generations and EAM), which is why I have been following the current thread
with interest.

David Corwin

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