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Re: Colorvision RGB Profiler; good or bad???

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I had the same problem after my 9000 was upgraded to a 9500 (profiles were
great before that, no tweaking required). Instead of adjusting the magenta,
I had better results by adding red and blue (red 25 and blue anywhere from
30 to 34). Print a known test file (like Digital Dog's or Photodisc) after
each tweak and carefully examine the neutral colors. I spent many hours
getting my profiles done, but am very happy with the results.

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From: Ursula Freer <art@ursulafreer.com>
> As long as we are on that subject again - I had to tweak my profile quite
> bit by adding magenta in the sliders to get rid of the green cast. Now my
> preview has a terrible magenta cast. Is this the way it's supposed to

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