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Colorvision RGB Profiler; good or bad???

1.   another question to all the folks out there--> all i care about
is getting what i see on the monitor out via the printer (just like everyone
2.   after reviewing various products--> i bought the colorvision optical
(monitor callibration product) and their RGB profiler (makes profiles
for paper / ink etc...).   the monitor callibration seems to work fine.
  however, the RGB profiler is  just a pain in the butt; the profiles
you get are WORSE than the canned profiles... and i see no benefit with
using this product.   i spoke with george (tech rep), he said that i
scanned everything correctly and that i need to manually tweak various
settings... i thought this was the reason to purchase these products
so that one wouldn't have to make such manual adjustments.  
3.   any thoughts, experiences, recommendations welcomed. 

thanks.  harry shin

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