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Re: where's a good place to buy paper profiles?

In a message dated 9/19/01 7:21:27 AM, mlidaka@ameritech.net writes:

>Sorry, Steve, but I'm a lawyer.  Limitation of you liability and full-refund
>if the product is not satisfactory are two different things.

Opps... now that you have let THAT out of the bag none of us will EVER build 
you a profile... <G> But come to think of it lawyers couldn't be any more 
difficult to deal with than photographers!

In Steve's defense, to us simple minded folk who are only capable of dealing 
with color science, and not law, the two are identical: Liability is limited 
to a complete refund of your money. In my case I work as a consultant by the 
hour, so my time is spent doing what is requested, and if what is requested 
is building profiles, then I've still spent the time even if you aren't happy 
with the profiles. And if the same color chart printed on Epson's glossy 
paper, and on your third party glossy paper, at the same settings, yields 
bright colors on the Epson stock, and dull ones on the other, than its pretty 
safe to assume that you are looking at gamut limits (physical limitations) 
that mean NOBODY'S profile will make images bright on that paper.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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