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Re: Multiple printeer registration

Hi Frank:

I'm a "real press guy", and I was somewhat amused by your experiments with

It occurs to me that two 1160's, or two 1200's, might give better results.

Let me explain briefly how a press registers a piece of paper: The sheet
comes down after being picked up up by suckers, and grabbed by grippers, and
lands on what are called "front lays". These are metal stops which can be
moved forwards or backwards by the pressman to register a sheet against
previous press runs. In addition, there is a side lay which pushes or pulls
the sheet the desired distance to register. At a certain point in the
procedure, the sheet is released by the grippers and is free to be pushed
over and drop against the front lays. It is then grabbed by transfer
grippers which take the sheet on its way through the press.

Some presses, which are referred to in the trade as "duplicators", have a
moveable side for the stock and springs on the other side to maintain a
fairly close register.

If there is a difference in side register between the two printers, you
could shim one or the other to match. Perhaps a piece of card folded over
and taped to the other side of the printer pickup would keep the paper more
closely aligned on both machines. If it's any comfort, I have heard that
Canons and Hewlitt Packard printers are way worse.

I have printed out batches of business cards on my Epson with reasonable
register, but I wouldn't want to do four colour work on them (duh, they're
already four colour, right?)

Les Otterbein


> From: "Frank Kolwicz" <bb389@lafn.org>
> Reply-To: epson-inkjet@leben.com
> Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 13:13:36 -0700
> To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
> Subject: Multiple printeer registration
> Has anybody ever tried to setup a couple of printers to print +/- in
> registration? I know you real press guys use registration marks to keep your
> processes aligned, is something similar possible with two Epsons?
> What I want to do is make one pass through one printer, then send the same
> print through the other and have the images in pretty close alignment. I
> tried doing it with corner registration marks on my 1160 and 1200 (same file
> each time) and got surprising results: the left side marks are in good
> alignment horizontally (lower left is right on), but the right side marks
> are way off horizontally AND vertically, indicating to me that the printers
> are slightly distorted relative to each other and this isn't just paper
> shift.
> Can anyone suggest a more quantitative way to go about this? One printer has
> color, so I can code which is which that way.

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