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Re: Generations and paper

<x-flowed>"Richard Sidwell" writes:

>Can anyone who uses Generations Ink please recommend
>an archival (I know... that's a loaded word) bright white glossy paper?

I have tried as many as 20 papers with Generations.  Glossy papers are 
either resin coated or cast coated.  Resin coated papers include Epson PGPP, 
Canon Photo Paper Pro, Pictorico glossy film as well as many others.  
Generations Ink will not adhere to these papers.  Hours/days later, the ink 
rubs off with a light touch of your finger.  If you are willing to apply 
acrylic spray to your prints, then you can use these papers.  The color 
reproduction is gorgeous and the spray provides protection.

For unsprayed glossy paper, you must use so called cast coated papers.  In 
order of quality of results:
Epson Photo Paper:  no rub off, great color rendition and saturation
Red River Premium Glossy:  no rub off, though some slight filming, takes an 
aggressive profile to get out the blue, but it can be done.  Smoother than 
Epson PP. Available in several sizes and thicknesses.

less ideal:
Mitsubishi Artist Mirror Gloss (from tssphoto.com).  Colors and ruboff not 
as good as the higher rated papers, but usable.
Jet (Hammermill) Graphic Image Paper Gloss Finish.  Essentially the same 
finish as Epson PP, but much thinner paper substrate.
Jet Multi-project Glossy Paper.  more ruboff than other cast coated papers, 
so not worth using.

An alternative:
Red River Premium Matte (53lb card) is a matte paper that will surprise you. 
  It so so white and so smooth and utterly devoid of any discernable texture 
you can almost fool yourself into thinking it is a glossy paper with no hard 
sheen.  Color rendition is excellent and there is no perceptible ink spread 
so sharpness is comparable to glossy papers.

The trick with Generations is to build effective profiles.  This is 
difficult.  I've found ColorVision ProfilerRGB with Dr. Pro for editing to 
do a good job at reasonable cost.  I've had great difficulty with Gretag 
EyeOne Match.  I have not tried Monaco EZColor, which is similar to 
ProfilerRGB, but has special tables for archival ink.  Monaco Proof 
(requires spectrophotometer) is also probably worth trying.

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