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C80 First Take

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I fooled around with the C80 yesterday for a bit. Here's my first

1. Blazing fast text printer that produces very good well-formed text.
2. For photos, not appreciably faster than the current 6 color inkjets
(maybe even slower) with quality not as good as the current 6 color inkjets.
Metamarism is alive and well, I think. I say "think" because while I didn't
see a difference with lighting changes, large areas did go black if I
changed the viewing angle of the print -- sort of like the old passive
matrix laptop screens.
3. Didn't test with graphics.

On the quality, there seems to be more grain. The prints were more neutral
than the six color dye printers, which to my eye oversaturate colors. But
the colors tended to look a bit washed out. Opinions can vary of course.

On plain paper, I didn't think that the durabrite inks were more brite,
though perhaps they are more durable ...... On plain paper, the quality
comparison with the six color dye printers was less pronounced -- I
personally couldn't decide which prints I preferred.

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