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Virus from Michael Ditchitt on Epson-Inkjet?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>It appears my anti-virus program intercepted the virus W32.Magistr.24876@mm
and that it probably came from the computer of Michael Ditchett.

I think he's a list member because he apparently is associated with the
company David Graphics, in Australia.

Characteristics of the virus and instructions for its removal are at the
Symantec site

If you have a message from this person in any folder, treat it carefully.
Of course, don't open the attachments (there would be two) unless you're
sure they're OK.

List members who have not posted to the list for a while probably don't have
to worry, as the virus apparently extracts addresses from email headers.

If I'm mistaken and the virus did not come from Mr. Ditchitt's computer, I
apologize to Mr. Ditchitt and the list for the waste of bandwidth.

Bruce Roorda
Possum Hill Farm

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