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Re: Installing "PanoTools" Plugins?

<x-flowed>At 02:48 PM 9/9/01 -0700, Michael Plack wrote:
>There's a dll file you have to install in the Photoshop directory in order to
>get PanoTools to work.  Have you found this and done so?

Well, I thought I'd done that but I'd done it wrong,
and the DLL ended up in the wrong directory, a few levels
below where it belonged.  That was the problem.

>When you get it up and running and master its intricacies, please let me
>know so I can pick your brain about simplified ways of understanding its
>complicated functions.
>I've heard from many sources this program produces quality panos due to its
>ability to map anchor points to force connect multiple images in ways the
>automated pano programs miss.  If I had a slightly bigger brain and more
>time I'd venture in with some confidence the learning time investment
>would pay off.

It looks deep, and I haven't begun to grok it yet.
To be truthful, I was mostly interested (at the moment)
in using its barrel-distortion correction facility.
Which, ironically, I have not been able to locate.

I found another one (also free) that did the job --


It's called "Debarrelizer."

rafe b.

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