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Re: SOS for Two Non-Printing 1160s

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hmmmm...

Under the circumstances, I would borrow a friend's pc and print from that.
If no easily available borrowable computer, buy a new one for $300 or less
(Celeron 600-800 with 20 gig HD, 128 ram) should be readily available. Since
this is a commercial venture, seems to me you need a functional computer
ASAP, and a new box is cheap, easily available, and when your current job is
done you can leisurely troubleshoot your main system. Sounds like there is a
problem with your main pc, but could take weeks to get it figured out.


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From: "Lexi Sundell" <sundell@3rivers.net>
To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2001 10:44 AM
Subject: SOS for Two Non-Printing 1160s

> First, many thanks to you fine people who usually answer my questions
> I ask them. But today I am in a bad jam.
> I have two 1160s. One fitted with a cis and generations inks and I have
> it heavily. It originally was a refurb. The other was bought brand new as
> back up and has not had much use. I have them on a pc with Win2k pro, one
> gig Thunderbird Athlon, 768 RAM, two hard drives with plenty of extra
> open on them. They have mostly been connected by usb, and it is the exact
> same cable for both of them as I have only one. It remains plugged
> into the back of the tower, not into a hub. I defragment the drives and
> clear out temp files frequently.
> The refurb printer has gradually become difficult and then impossible to
> use. It began with frequent errors ending printing partway through a page,
> ranging from the dreaded communications error to general error (look for
> foreign objects) to improper paper loading (that one often when already 
> the way through the page!) and so on. The printer never made the
> screech I once heard it make when some cat fur got in there, but when I
> the foreign objects error I cleaned it till I was blue in the face anyway.
> I have reinstalled the driver, after properly uninstalling. I have done
> memory resets as Epson support told me. I have given up on usb and
> it as parallel. That worked for about 5 pages. I put it back on usb. I
> had it as the only printer installed. I have had it as the first 1160
> installed with the other one as copy two. I have had it as copy two with
> other one as the first one. I have bypassed spooling to print directly to
> the printer. It consistently has not worked no matter what combination of
> things I tried.
> Since the newer unit printed just fine, I thought it could not be the
> and had to be the printer itself. On Friday Epson support over the phone
> concluded it probably had a bad logic board. As it is out of warranty I
> ordered a 1280 to replace it.
> Then, last night as I was trying to run out the last cartridge before
> switching the cis to it, the newer 1160 began doing all the things I have
> been through with the refurb. EEEEK! It will not print a whole page
> I have had it printing about 150 pages of heavy image data in the past few
> days with no particular problems. I have done everything I can think of. I
> also called a tech friend in Seattle who thinks I may have a spooling
> problem in the system, since these printers will print simple text pages.
> is on large image files, sometimes not that large, only 6 or 7 mb, that I
> have the problem.
> So I sit here with orders unfilled for our giclee prints, a show coming up
> next weekend for which I need brochures and cards printed, and I don't
> know if I can expect the new 1280 arriving Tuesday to work!
> Just to test the system a bit, I turned on my old 850 and printed a
> file with no problem. It runs on parallel.
> Does anyone know how to fix my 1160s????? Even one of them???? I really
> that printer model, but I am about to rip my hair out. If you have any
> ideas, please email me directly as I am on the digest.
> Thanks,
> Lexi
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