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Re: Color Crossovers in indoor arena photographs

> Hi Seth!
> A scan from the neg would be MUCH more accurate.  The print has two flaws.

Seth, I AM scanning the Negative! 1200 DPI Optical. Agfa T2500 Scanner...

> One thing I WOULD suggest to the photog. The BEST film for that situation is
> Fuji 800.  Pushed to 1600 is even better. (Do NOT use Fuji 1600).  Fuji
> reacts to the mixed lighting sources MUCH better than the Kodak stuff.

Ah, Thanks. That is the type of info I need! He was using Portra.

> And, yes, there are probably multiple light sources in old bulbs, new bulbs,
> different bulb manufacturers, etc.

All lighting is brand new. A University alumni donated over a hundred million
dollars to build it, and its world class, by far the most beautiful arena I
have ever seen anywhere! Floors are marble, there are escalatora, crystal
chandeliers, an antique organ, etc. I just hope that the lighting isn't many
different kinds, but I think it is.



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