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Re: Vertical Banding?

<x-flowed>At 06:19 PM 9/5/01 -0700, Wire Moore wrote:
>Here are two wild expiations:
>1) the guide rail has become partially dry of lubricant; try a dab of light
>silicone grease, or triflow;
>2) a large bit of crud (paper or dustbunny) has become fused to the inside
>of the drive belt or the belt has stretched, possible due to a dry rail. Or
>anything else that would cause the effective length of the drive belt to

Like most other inkjet printers, the 1160 has a
spring-loaded idler pulley that's supposed to
keep a constant tension in the drive belt.  But I
suppose the tensioner could be sticky or something.

Or maybe it's some crazy interaction with the
tubing on the CIS?

In any case, I'm wary, as usual, of having to
remove and then reinstall the CIS -- that's always
asking for trouble.  The theory is that you're
just supposed to install it and forget about it,

A bit of lube (the right stuff, presumably) on
the guide rail probably can't hurt, either.

Thanks for the suggestions... all of this has
to wait a couple of days 'till I get a chance
to futz around with the printer again.

rafe b.

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