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Re: SilverFast ai 5.5

On 9/3/01 3:26 AM, "Bernard Epstein" <bepstein@home.com> wrote:

> Can anyone comment on whether the SF ai 5.5 upgrade for Polaroid
> Sprintscan 4000 is worth the $45 they are asking? The description of
> NegaFix on their Web site sounds like it fills in a missing capability
> for direct film profiling (not surprisingly, since SF is a German
> company, the available standard settings are heavily weighted toward
> Agfa films, and I have had some problems with common Kodak and Fuji
> films).
> TIA.
> Bernie

NegaFix (reminds me of Reed Richards' awesome NegaGamma) is excellent. There
is a promise of further profiles, and LaserSoft seems pretty responsive to
queries and requests. Alas, I am still waiting for 5.5 for my Nikon.


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