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Re: Printing problems with the Epson 1280 and non-Epson papers

<x-flowed>At 01:01 AM 9/3/01 -0700, Digital Eve NWR wrote:
>Hi All -
>I recently purchased an Epson 1280. I often do short-run projects for 
>customers and select from a wide variety of papers, depending upon the 
>desired outcome.
>My first attempts to reproduce the image that I created in Photoshop have 
>been dismal. I created a small band of flowers with a subtle stripe behind 
>them and some text on a program for a memorial service. Well, the outcome 
>looks like mud from the 1280. I am using a paper called Popset, made by 
>Arjo Wiggins Fine Papers, which has irridescent colors. Absolutely nothing 
>was acceptable and I tried at least 20 different setting. The edges were 
>blurred, the text was not crisp and the colors were terrible. To get the 
>job done I went to Kinko's and had it done there on a color laser printer.

Most Epsons are fussy about the paper they're printing
on.  I would start with Epson media and work my way
"out" from there.  I've never heard of Popset, never heard
it mentioned on this list.

Typically, Epson dye inks work best on coated papers, but
*not* resin-coated.  The best coatings are microcrystalline
clay or ceramic.  Uncoated cotton-rag papers are difficult
to print on.  Papers from HP and Kodak often yield dismal

rafe b.

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