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Re: Fuji Frontier -- Fuji Profile

In a message dated 9/1/01 7:27:53 PM, haverbach@libcom.com writes:

>Available on Fuji's website is a profile for the Frontier 370 machine 
>I just downloaded the file; it is about 1.2MB.
>Does anyone know if this profile is, in fact, the specific printer profile
>used by photolabs using the Fuji Frontier system?
>If so, has anyone used this profile to softproof images in Photoshop-6
>prior to sending the images to the photolab? And if so, how was your output;
>i.e., did softproofing using this Fuji profile help produce a better print?
>Even without actual experience in this regard, does anyone have a thought
>or suggestion regarding the concept?

The Fuji is a wide gamut device, offering bright whites and dark blacks, so 
soft proofing does not offer the advantages it holds for combos with rusty 
reds, beige whites, or charcoal gray blacks... it would be about like 
softproofing for an Epson with OEM inks and glossy paper; useful, but not to 
the degree of limited gamut softproofing.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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