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Re: Generations and Epson Semigloss

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Is there any real evidence that the protective spray is beneficial?
<p>RCKhan@aol.com wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>FWIW,
I just made profiles today for Epson Premium Semigloss paper with</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>Generations 4 inks on my
Photo 1200.&nbsp; It took 7 tweaks of the original</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>profile made with Colorvision
Profiler RGB, but now I have a printout of the</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>PDI target that closely
matches my monitor image.&nbsp; The appearance of the</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>print is very good;&nbsp;
definition is perhaps a little sharper than on Archival</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>Matte and the dark tones
a little richer.&nbsp; There's a reddish tinge in the</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>middle tones of the Kodak
gray scales that might call for a corrective</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>adjustment curve, but the
colors in the faces and various objects seem quite</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>true under 5500K light (Ott-lite).&nbsp;
Prints come out dry, but the ink can be</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>easily rubbed off the surface,
so careful handling, spraying or framing under</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>glass is definitely indicated.&nbsp;
No data yet on archival properties, but just</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>in terms of appearance I
think the PSGP wins over Epson Photo Paper, the only</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>other gloss surface I've
found to work with Generations ink.&nbsp; Would</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>appreciate any suggestions
for a protective spray--one that doesn't leave</font></font>
<br><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>bubbles or puddles on the
<p><font face="arial,helvetica"><font size=-1>Richard Khanlian</font></font></blockquote>


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