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Re: Epson 3000: what caused this?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Thanks, but it is much more than that!  When the moved to the right, it
caught the "cooper-like thingies" that rest on the the small rollers axis.

I am sending you the image.


> Can't manage to access your site for the illustration, but generally that
> screeching, and head spasms, are caused by the motor that drives the head
> that little timing belt) being out of position, due to being jarred in
> shipping. I've had this happen with 3000s several times. Its easy to fix,
> except that you need to remove the main cover to do it.. which is not for
> mechanically faint of heart. The other stuff you mention is typical repair
> shop sloppiness.
> C. David Tobie
> Design Cooperative
> CDTobie@designcoop.com

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