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Re: C80... CIS?

<x-flowed>It's clear from Chris's last paragraph (at the very bottom below) 
that he thinks/knows the 80 can use the 10000's inks. Are all Epson's 
pigmented inks the same? In particular, does the 5500 use the same 
inks as the others?

Epson's promotional materials sometimes seem to me to suggest that 
their inks are made to match their printers. Or that they are 
selected from batches of uneven quality, as I've heard printheads are 
in the case of the 5000 and 5500, for better quality.


>>At 04:31 PM 8/29/01 -0400, Carillon, Bruce wrote:
>>>Based an what we know... will the C80 be able to use a CIS system? I
>>>currently have a 900 and love my CIS from NoMoreCarts! If it's possible for
>>>the C80 to utilize a CIS, I'm all over it. The improved speed is what I'm
>>>looking for!
>>It sounds like a good part of what makes the C80
>>special is the pigment ink.  So, even if someone
>>comes up with a CIS for it, where are you going
>>to get the equivalent of Epson's ink for this
>>With older Epsons (1160 and older) there was never
>>any claim of "lightfastness" for the ink -- so we
>>were free to experiment with 3rd party inks.
>>With the 1270 and beyond, the situation changes,
>>and the ink is an integral part of the product.
>>A CIS for the C80 seems to me almost irrelevant.
>I second the motion. We have a CIS for sale for the 2000P, in fact 
>we've had it for about a month, but it was only yesterday that we 
>put it on the web site. I just kept thinking: "why? why pay twice as 
>much for a 2000P, which is slower and has larger dots, when you can 
>get a 1270 and use a CIS in that?"
>Despite the problems with metamerism and Epson's inks it's my 
>opinion that you still won't get close to Epson's color with 3rd 
>party inks.
>If you want a CIS and 3rd party inks, get a 980, the improvement in 
>speed for the C80 isn't worth the hassle, or waiting for someone to 
>make a CIS for it.
>On the other hand: If you want the new features of the C80, get one. 
>I'm positive eventually there will be a CIS for it. If you want 
>inks, buy the 10000's pigmented cartridges, they have 500ml in each 
>of them!
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