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Re: Cannon s800 printers instead of epsons

--- "Brian D. Plikaytis" <bdplikaytis@bellsouth.net>
> I think a more accurate report of the IBM/Digital
> Research thing is that the
> CEO of Digital was on the golf course and
> unavailable when IBM came calling.
> IBM wanted to talk to the top dog who wasn't
> available. They left in a huff
> and went to Gates.

Actually, that's an even more incorrect version of the
urban legend, which has it that Gary Kildall (the CEO)
was off flying his private plane.

It's been fairly well documented that Kildall refused
to agree to all the secrecy agreements that IBM wanted
to put in place, feeling that since CP/M was the
dominant OS they'd end up coming back to him anyway.

Out of arrogance are fortunes lost.

Bob Meyer
Don't ask me why I sing this song, everything you think you know is wrong...


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