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Re: Color Ink Alternatives?

>[rafe b:]
> >I think MIS has a slight edge in gamut over
> >Generations.

[CD Tobie:]
>The 2d and 3d gamut map of these inks (spectro-based) are not identical, but
>they are uncannily close! Looking at targets of the two inksets on the same
>paper by eye under a proofing light fails to show any distinguishably
>different color patches. I'd have to say the gamut issue is a draw.

Last I checked, MIS archival inks were a dye-pigment
hybrid.  Which means that -- by design -- MIS is
sacrificing longevity (lightfastness) to improve
gamut.  So you're saying that this compromise is
a failure?

I don't have the best eyes on the planet, but my
eyes (and memory) seem to disagree with your spectro
on this issue.  It's been quite a few months, though,
since my experiment with MIS-arc inks ended.

rafe b.

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