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Re: Color Ink Alternatives?

<x-flowed>At 02:44 PM 8/30/01 -0500, Thomas Keesling wrote:

>Rafe, thanks for the additional info.
>I'm curious. Were you able to restore the use of the clogged CIS and, if so,
>what did it take to accomplish that? And how long had you been using the CIS
>when the sudden clogging occurred?
>I'm not interested in printing on glossy paper and, based on a print
>exchange I was involved in last spring, I think can live with switching to
>pigments from my Luminos Silver dye-based inks. I'm long overdue to upgrade
>to a longer-lasting ink and archivability is now important to me.
>I'm ordering the MIS inks today.

The CIS itself continued on in a sort of hobbled state for
quite some time.  The printer returned to normal printing
after I got rid of the MIS inks.  It's really rather a
garbled, ugly story -- due in part to trying many different
kinds of ink, and in part to being cheap about the way I
was trying to flush the CIS between the different inksets.
The proper (and more expensive) approach is to replace the
fitted carts in the CIS.

I do believe there's a potential issue with *all* pigment
inks involving separation of the solids and liquid carrier.
It is really quite a trick, when you think about it,
to keep such a solution homogeneous.

rafe b.

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